Course Highlights

  • Program navigation, overview of tools, features, settings, including newest features
  • Updating Pro-Stitcher – Why, when, and how
  • Introduction to Simulation
  • File Types: Designs, Workspaces, and Areas
  • Working with purchased designs
  • Creating a variety of edge-to-edge quilt layouts, including wrapping and off-setting
  • Drag and drop method for accurate advancement of the quilt, including solutions for gaps between rows, and pattern “drift”
  • All about the New Start/End tool
  • In-Depth Interruptions: Easily realigning the pattern with existing quilting, bobbin changes and thread breaks, and, restarting anywhere
  • Working with multiple designs simultaneously
  • Stitching Corners and Borders seamlessly
  • Chunking the borders, or not
  • In-depth Cropping: Inside, Outside, Start/End
  • Setting accurate and effective Areas
  • Custom Quilting and the Modify Tools
  • Working with irregular spaces
  • Using Move, Mark, and Record
  • Special Homework Project
  • Introduction to Pro-Stitcher Designer
  • Ask the teacher: What would you like to know?
  • Online post event video access – thirty days

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 days


Course Instructor

Susan Manry Susan Manry Instructor
  • Enrollment has closed because the maximum number of allowed students has been reached.