Recorded July 17, 2021

What’s New in PSP Version .0535?

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July 22, 2021

Hey, Quilters!

The long-awaited “Beta” is live and has become the official version of Pro-Stitcher Premium. Thanks to those of you who joined me for the virtual meeting in which I detailed all the new features.

My virtual classroom holds only a limited number of students, so many quilters were not able to join the meeting. Because of that, and because so many have asked for a second round, I decided to record the session.

To watch, you’ll need to register on the site and enroll in the course, but once you have you’ll be able to watch whenever you like.  If you have questions, be sure and post a comment.

Many thanks, and happy quilting!


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July 17, 2021, What’s New in Pro-Stitcher Premium Version .0535