November 12, 2021, Intro to Pro-Stitcher and Designer – HQ Event Host: A Block Away Quilt Shop

A Block Away Quilt Shop 2706 N. 10th Street, McAllen, TX

Quilters, getting started with Pro-Stitcher is just A Block Away! This November 12th, join me at A Block Away Quilt Shop for a fun and informative day with Pro-Stitcher and Pro-Stitcher Designer.  If you’re thinking about jumping into the world of computerized quilting and digital design, don’t hesitate! For the more experienced quilters, this class […]

November 19 and December 3, 2021, Pro-Stitcher Premium: Basics and Beyond (Bi-weekly)

Susan Manry Virtually via Zoom

Quilters, many of you have been asking for a change of pace!  While some students prefer to learn new material from top-to-bottom before applying it, others like more time for reflection.  With that in mind,  here’s a new twist on an old favorite-- Pro-Stitcher Premium Basics and Beyond Biweekly. If you’re finding inspiration faster than […]


November 27-28, 2021, Pro-Stitcher Designer: Everything You Need (Australia)

Susan Manry Virtually via Zoom

Contrary to what we see in cartoons, our friends in the southern hemisphere aren’t really upside down, but when Australian Quilters join my classes, their sleep schedules certainly are!  With that in mind, I’m happy to offer this learning opportunity timed specifically for our Australian Quilters!  At 5:00 pm at my home in Texas, it […]


December 1-2, 2021, Pro-Stitcher Designer: Everything You Need (Small Group)

Susan Manry Virtually via Zoom

Quilters, as crazy as the world is, sometimes peace of mind is best found in the studio.  What greater joy than seeing a pattern you’ve designed yourself brought to life in stitches? Some students learn best in a large group, with many different viewpoints and ideas being exchanged– but for our blossoming artists who are […]


December 10th, Pro-Stitcher Premium: Just the Basics

Susan Manry Virtually via Zoom

Quilters, have you been promising yourself all year to take that next step in your journey?  Well, despite our best intentions, life sometimes gets the best of us!  So, here’s one last opportunity to clear away any lingering resolutions from January! We’ll begin our course by breaking down the features, tools, and user interface.  I’ll […]


January 17, 2022, Windows Primer for Quilters

Susan Manry Virtually via Zoom

Quilters, do you ever get the sneaking suspicion that the technology we use is a little smarter than we are?   Have you ever felt discouraged from your passion for longarm quilting because of discomfort with Windows computers? Are you brimming with creativity, but feel overwhelmed with unfamiliar jargon when working with technology? Well, fret not!  […]


January 17, 2022 Pro-Stitcher Designer: Picture Perfect Quilts

Susan Manry Virtually via Zoom

Quilters, visualize success in the new year-- and make it picture perfect! Do you ever load a quilt only to stand before your machine sifting through your digital designs looking for inspiration?  What about stitching one pattern here and another there, to discover that those designs don't work well together?  I can help you solve […]


August 30-31, 2022, Pro-Stitcher Premium HANDS-ON at Honey Bee Quilt Store, Austin TX

Honey Bee Quilt Store 9308 Anderson Mill Rd Ste 300, Austin, TX

Back to school isn't just for kids, Quilters!  Here is a great way to get back to learning. Hands-on education for Pro-Stitcher Premium is waiting for you at Honey Bee Quilt Store! I hope you'll join me for this fabulous two-day event. Topics include: • Program Navigation: Overview of tools, features, and settings• File Types: Designs, […]


September 30 – October 1, 2022, Learn to Love Custom Quilting with PSP at Two Chicks Quilting, Ganado TX

Two Chicks Quilting 8936 Highway 59, Ganado, TX

Align?  Reposition?  Skew?  Which tool should I use?  Custom quilting with Pro-Stitcher is fun and easy once you learn the right tools for the job!  In this two-day, hands-on workshop, you will learn the following, and more:         Setting accurate and appropriate Areas         Working with multiple designs simultaneously         Seamlessly stitching Corners and Borders          Everything about Crop         Mastering the Modify Tools […]

November 14-18, 2022, Stitchin’ Heaven Seminar at Sea!

Stitchin' Heaven TX

If you're looking for the ultimate in quilting retreats, then this is for you! Next November, just as the snow is getting its foothold, why not escape to the sunny Caribbean?  Imagine cruising with your quilting buds and taking longarm quilting classes at sea with me, Micki, Adam, and our friends from Stitchin' Heaven! This […]